Label Printing is Our Business

Over 10 years we have acquired a large set of qualities towards label printing. We know what our clients want to and we know how to deliver it.

Self-adhesive labels – we make them in all shapes, colours and sizes – and, yes, we do like a challenge. So whether conventional or never-been-done-before, go ahead, ask us.

Types Of Labels

We provide large range of product label types. Starting from pharmacy, wine labels, food packaging and so on.

Product Range

We don’t stop with just printed labels. We also provide blank labels, pre-printed digital labels and even printed tapes!

Layout & Design

We provide design corrections, pre-printed examples and proffesional product design assistance.

Find the label you need

For every business our people know what makes a fine label tick: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food & beverages, industrial & automotive, chemical or household. More than 50 years of dedication to label printing makes the difference.


We offer layout design for clients who are our partners. We also offer designs for those products that we are printing.Programs we use are “Adobe Indesign”, “Adobe Photoshop”, “Adobe Illustrator”, “Corel Draw” and we accept files with format in these programms. The preferred format is PDF…

Adhesive tapes

Looking for printed adhesive tape? Specific color? Lenght of the roll or pretty much anything related to adhesive tape? We got them. All shapes, sizes and as much as you need. Check out what we offer.