Cycle of Labels

The story of how labels are being made from nothing to a product.

Stage 1 | Material

Material for label creating is being ordered from carefully chosen suppliers that have been our partners for many years. To ensure the best quality we have found the top notch label distributors. After we order labels from our suppliers, labels rolls are being carefully stored in our warehouse for further use.

Stage 2 | Order

Next step is for client to tell us what he wants. Over the years we have made an excellent communication with our clients and we usually know exactly what they need. Our clients send us digital label layouts and we get them ready for printing.  If there are some things that need to be fixed we got the perfect team of designers for it.

Stage 3 | Printing

After we know what our client wants we get to printing. We use digital or flexo printing based on our clients wishes. Label rolls are being printed into colorful labels.

Stage 4 | Post-printing

After labels are printed, they come out as a one big label roll. With various post printing methods we slice the big roll into smaller ones with a specific quantity of labels in them. We also stamp the smaller label rolls with creation date so our clients receive full traceability of the product.

Stage 5 | Packing & Shipping

After rolls are printed out and cut into proper sizes they are being carefully packed into plastic film and put into a box. Sealed by out companies tape and labeled with a sample of the roll. After that the box is once more sealed with the total quantity of labels inside the box and shipped to our client.