Designing The Labels

We off our clients the help of designing a label.

Layout & Design

Before labels are being printed there is an important process right before and it is called layout. Our designers make sure to put our clients labels in the right format and get the design ready for printing. There are multiple steps to make this happen. First off the labels are sent in to us in image format like png, jpeg and so on… Later the labels are transferred to specific file format in order for our printing machines to understand what they need to print. 

If there is some obvious mistakes in the layout mistakes or some sort of grammar mistakes, we contact the client and ask them if there is a mistake or it was made it on purpose. After we are done with the layout we send the file to our clients for confirmation. If client accepts we send the job to our printing facility. 

The programs our designers use are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Bartender. The combination of these software’s and high end computers lets us create the perfect layout for our clients.

Incoming preference for the layout formats that clients are sending is PDF